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Thank you for visiting! To tell a bit about myself, I'm part of the class of 2024! When I have the time, I enjoy doing art, playing piano (going on 13 years!), researching interesting places to visit, and especially since last year, I've enjoyed trying out new recipes. While senior year will probably cause me many sleepless nights, I'm still hoping to bring my passion project to life by sharing my creations with the area I've grown up in for several years.

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Tart Treatery started back in the 2022 summer when my attention was caught by an Instagram post depicting a multi-layered, raspberry-flavored tart. I wondered about the thoughts that led to the specific details seen in the tart, a curiosity which eventually led me to brainstorm my own ideas. For Father's Day, I baked my first idea: a tart containing almond cream, blueberry compote, blueberry mousse, and freshly whipped cream on top. While a messy first attempt, it inspired me to bake more.

Since then, I've worked on developing flavor combinations, doing test runs, revising recipes, and now, learning the basics of a small business. While I've gone through many flops and challenges up to now and probably will in the future, I've already learned so much, and I hope this bakery can be a way for me to continue learning while sharing my passion with others.

Lastly, I want to thank my friends and family. They were more than ready to give me encouragement, give me advice, and taste test my tarts. While I'm still nervous, they gave me the that edge of confidence to actually open my bakery and to be writing this all out now.

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